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Dancers Helping Dancers

This past summer some of our CDS teens partnered with Donate2Dance to bring joy to other young dancers around the world in need of dancewear.

In the spring, after receiving a donated bounty of never-before-worn dance apparel from Gaynor-Minden Inc., CDS shared items with other dance schools in the CT area, but still had plenty left over. “We had heard about Donate2Dance and all the wonderful work they were doing,” said CDS Board member Rachel McLoughlin, “and we wanted to partner with them.”

Donate2Dance was founded by two NYC teen sisters, Ava and Sophia Paley. Through Donate 2 Dance, since 2018, the sisters have been sending gently used dance apparel to those less fortunate. In 2019, People Magazine featured the Paley sisters and Donate 2 Dance, applauding their charitable outreach to dance schools in need everywhere. To date, over 15,000 dancers around the world have benefitted. CDS was thrilled to partner with the like-minded philanthropic sisters who strive to provide ballet shoes, tights and leotards to dancers in need.

Through the Paleys’ global network, CDS was able to ship dance apparel to deserving students in the USA and other countries. Over 50 boxes weighing 1,100 lbs. were shipped to dance schools in Maryland, Arkansas, Ohio, Illinois, Ghana and Haiti. Shipping costs were covered by the Paley sisters’ grant money and a gofundme account.

The schools and programs who received the donated apparel were thrilled. Virginia Mock of Transformation Station in Arkansas writes. “We were blown away by your generous donation of ballet shoes, tights, leotards, and dresses! We are also sending a BIG box of what you gave us with a local teacher who is going to New Orleans to donate it to students and studios there that lost everything in the recent hurricane…  So truly, your gift is still giving and giving. Thanks again!”

Photos: Ava and Sophia Paley, Donate2Dance CDS dancers (from left to right) Katherine Tharrington, Mary Harvey, Katherine Gorski, Caroline Iorfino, Caitlin Agee, Lila Gagliardi and Audrey Bohiltea Young dancewear recipient from Louisiana.